[Solved] /sbin/rcvboxdrv: command not found

If you update your Fedora to the latest version today (Oct 13), you will find that Virtual Box failed to start as usual, since you had the newer version of kernel headers and Virtual Box just need to "Recompiling VirtualBox kernel modules", as this warning message stated

WARNING: The vboxdrv kernel module is not loaded. Either there is no module available for the current kernel (4.1.10-200.fc22.x86_64) or it failed to load. Please recompile the kernel module and install it by

sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup

You will not be able to start VMs until this problem is fixed.


It would not be a matter if we can run this recommended command to recompile VirtualBox kernel modules:

sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup  

But it failed:

/sbin/rcvboxdrv: command not found

I found a workaround:

sudo /usr/lib/virtualbox/vboxdrv.sh setup  

Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules [ OK ] Recompiling VirtualBox kernel modules [ OK ]
Starting VirtualBox kernel modules [ OK ]

That's it!

Update November 11th: Upgrading your virtualbox package should fix the problem completely, as stated from Virtualbox changelog:

Linux hosts: several fixes for systemd integration in .deb / .rpm packages (e.g. bug #14665). The command for recompiling the host kernel modules was changed to /sbin/vboxconfig